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Working On Your Business Not In It!

  • We are invested in your business growth, not just tracking your income and expenses.

  • Saving you time and money so you can focus on growing your for-profit or non-profit business with accurate information.

  • We customized your system that identifies opportunities that will help grow sales.

  • Our custom system will help identify leakage so you will maintain more of your money.

  • Financial analyses of your business customized to your needs.

  • We are here when you need us.  Full-time benefits with part-time costs.

Our customized outsourced bookkeeping services can bring your business to the next level.  We will develop a bookkeeping system that you can actually use as a tool to aid you in making key business decisions.  We will work with you like a partner to ensure your bookkeeping system is built just the way you want it.

We Offer Our Clients Free QuickBooks - Let's Talk!

Free Quickbooks


We will provide your small business with the capabilities found in large corporations.

Each business requires a unique set of tools. Our clients enjoy a streamlined system that is thoughtfully set up in a way that provides them with the ability to extract everything from Job Costing, Program Expenses, Income Type, Cash Flow, Forecasting, P&L by Job\Program, even down to how the cash per job was spent. This type of system reduces their back office labor time, helping them make better decisions.

"A custom system will increase your efficiency and workflow in turn reduces your year-end accounting and preparation time. " says Katie " KAF Accountants pay close attention to the key performance indicators that drive each and every business we serve."


Bookkeeping is the Core of every business.

In order to determine how our bookkeeping services can best help you run your business, we will start with a thorough assessment of your needs and then design a system that can grow alongside your company. Outsource your bookkeeping and let us create your chart of accounts, establish accounts payable and receivable policies and procedures, design a payroll system and more.

You have an In-House Bookkeeper or CFO - We are here to assists. It's what we do!


Cash-Based or Accrual-Based Accounting

Whether you need guidance to ensure your payroll remains compliant with the current laws or you are looking for a full service payroll firm, KAF is here to help. Just like our bookkeeping service, payroll will be tailored to your business needs.

With our service, your taxes will be paid in a timely manner; you will reduce your risk of compliant related issues and penalties. We will reduce your administrative time, effort, and money while we provide a reporting system to track cost by job, project or program.

​We will create employee manuals, policies, and contracts that meet your industry’s needs.


Feel like your're spinning out of control?

KAF Bookkeeping will evaluate your current processes to make your team more efficient. We then design a process and provide you with manuals and procedures that ensure accuracy.

Examples of tasks that we streamline:

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Budgeting and Projections

  • Data entry process - beginning to end. 

  • Sales and Purchase Order procurement and entry processes.

  • Job costing setup and execution. 

  • Accounts Payable and approval processes.

  • Accounts Receivable - automation and scheduling


We're here to help you to succeed!

At KAF Bookkeeping & Solutions, we will help you -

Build a foundation of knowledge for success.

Gain a greater understanding of your numbers and how they affect your overall business We achieve this by collecting, analyzing, and presenting data.


These areas include strategy formulation, market research, operations efficiencies and performance management


Don't over pay sales tax!

Did you know without a good bookkeeping systems you could be overpaying sales tax? If you are dividing your sales taxable income by the sales tax rate, you are paying way to much!

KAF Bookkeeping & Solutions will help you recuperate those dollars and make sure you pay the accurate amount going forward.

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